Popularity is overrated.

As the title pretty much expresses what I’m about to rant about, let me start by telling you the story of my life.

And no one direction playing in the background. Sorry.

Since kindergarden I pretty much was that kid desperetly in need of attention. Stupid Nina. Stupid.

I hopelessly craved a croud chanting my name and guys wanting to date me. Really stupid Nina.
But let me tell you one thing, none of this happened. And you pretty much figured that out already. Didn’t ya?

As I grew older, in middle school poverty started to mercilessly hit me and I realized my craving/ dream was kinda unrealistic. And of course, because things like this always seem to happen to my poor self, I was in really bad luck. Every time I made a friend I happened to loose them in a short period of time.

And the question I asked myself everyday was: Why does it happen to me?

And of course: Why am I not rich, yet?

Well, I still don’t know the answer. To either of them.

But I recently started to be more positive about life, in general.

And will I tell you, that I think I’m simply a good person. With great personality. And pretty eyes, of course. 

I was a good person, that’s why they didn’t want to be friends with me. Is it fun to change yourself for others? To start smoking, cussing and beeing rude for attention? Just for having a better “status”?

And without doubts my answer today is: no. As you grow older you start to see things from various angles and perspectives.  Don’t worry about being the “weird” one in class or a group of people, because the weird ones grow up to be the most compassionate, humble and ambitious beings.

Me for instance.

And for that I’m simply not sorry.
Pic by: https://flamboyant-clairvoyant.tumblr.com/


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