A teenage guide to politics.

Now it’s everywhere. You see it making headlines, even without any particular, significant reason.

Just before you start reading news or sites providing such content, please be aware of the massive amount of propaganda articles that are circling around the web. Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a very reliable source of information, except wikipedia of course (note the sarcasm).

My parents always repeat the exact same thing over, and over again, when I mention politics: “Don’t belive any of this bullsh*t, politics is a dirty place.”

And they are right. Not arguing there. With underlined “dirty”.

However, If you don’t belive me, then go ahead and watch some of the tv shows (for ex. scandal the house of cards) that undeniably demonstrate what’s the price of being “on top”.

Today’s newspapers supplying us with political propaganda information are divided into two very diverse camps: liberal and conservative that sometimes sell us extremely contrasting information.

Both praise very different values.

And the question that’s recently been on my mind is:  Who exactly is right?


I’m sorry to inform you, but there is no real answer or at least one that will bring you satisfaction.

Although, the only solution I can give you, is to go for newspapers that show the same topic from different angles and prospects and then as a human; logical thinker and solution finder you are, create your own opinion and outlook on the surrounding you world.

Because there is no such thing as  ‘simple’ these days.

Deal with it.


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