Fairy lights and tales.

When I think of fairy tales what comes to my mind are glitter, sparkles and longing for childhood.

We all at some point in our childhood came in contact with fairy tales. We tasted the sweet reality of main characters and wanted to be them. Girls craved for the handsome and courageous prince charming, a pink castle and a happy ending. Guys… well.. I think they didn’t care. Oh! Hot wheels! That’s what they wanted. (stereotypically thinking, of course).

Fairy tales: harmless stories that feed children’s imagination and create an impossible to happen reality, but possible to happen while dreaming.

What do fairty tales include as told by the resourceful internet and my point of view:

  1. good vs. evil : Mainly good wins (but not always)
  2. magic: Hocus- pocus and yeah…
  3. special powers: If being an ooglby beast is a special power..
  4. special beggining: If “Once upon a time” is a special phrase..
  5. talking animals: this werewolf from sleeping beauty and a frog etc.
  6. royalty: kings, queens, princesses and more princesses

Although, fairy tales teach us, as young people to distinguish evil from good and create our morality, their original versions aren’t actually these covered in glitter and pink sprinkles, stories. Most of them had a very dark begginings (and endings).

Even though, I loved reading these famous stories as a child and still do, I don’t mean to offend the fandom that’s going to chase me through a strikingly pink castle and stab me to death wih a pink, magical, covered in stars wand. And also may the undeniably gifted with very vivid imagination original authors rest in peace.
So, I’m going to show only a few of the most popular tales without the more civilized, censored improvements.

Let’s start with the most known princess Cinderella created by the Grimm brothers:

In the original version the soon-to-be princess isn’t as innocent as you may think. Actually, she killed her first step mother so the father had to marry the housekeeper, instead. Talk about the most known for kindness and selflessness role model for young girls…

Next we have: The little mermaid told by Christian Andersen:

As the mermaid Ariel fell in love with a dark-haired human prince, she desperately wanted to become human. The price, however for her having normal legs was a potion that made her walking feel like knives were pushing into the soles of her feet. Her selfless act, albeit was actually on vain, because the prince married a different woman. Our red-haired beauty, feeling only sorrow and hopelessness thrown herself into the waters of the sea only for her body to be dissolved into nothingness… Okay?

And the best for last: The sleeping beauty as told by the Grimm brothers:

So it wasn’t actually a kiss from a handsome prince charming that awoke the princess, but a kick of her just newborn twins. HER TWINS! That means our sleepy-head was RAPED, while sleeping! When any other girl/ woman would go straight to the police, file a report and get that guy to rot in a prison cell so he would preferably turn into a mouse only to be vigorously stepped on and die quickly, but no, she married her RAPIST and they lived happily ever after. That pretty much shows how abusive relationships can work out in the end. Please, note the very, very intentional sarcasm.

I think I’m glad that these tales were rewritten and are not publically known as their original versions, because our society would have been, well, crazy.

Nevertheless, I will still enjoy reading them to relive my precious childhood memories all over again and am certainly going to pass these creative tales to my children. However, I hope they would never learn about the original, written probably under influence of something, origins.

In some cases ignorance is a bliss.


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