The F word.

Before we start with “today’s post” all I wanted to say is that’s the actual topic I’ve struggled to write and publish because of two reasons. One, I got the whole thing deleted by accident and two, I got angry at myself and stopped trying. Yup. That got depressing really quickly. Anyway, sorry and enjoy!

So, the F word… hmm what that might be? I’m guessing by the picture you’ve assumed right, but for those that didn’t have a look at the “featured image”: no. the F word is not “F*ck”. So that pretty much sums up my whole point. But actually the cuss word, I guess, goes very well with the word of today’s topic : Failure.

– me inserting a graded assignment, but instead of the F grade is the cuss word – (Looks the same, feels the same)

Why do I want to touch the subject? Who likes to talk about failure? No one.

You’re very welcome.-evil laugh-

So, a month ago I’ve had a pretty tough time dealing with me (almost) failing a subject at school. Yikes. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep or worse, had very vivid dreams about failing. And that got me thinking, what if I could help (just a little bit) people that struggle with “the F word” right now.

What would I say to those that have hard time coping with an unforgiving failure?

I would say: Time doesn’t stop. Neither do you. Just do your thing. Put your pants higher and be proud of your mistakes. Because accepting failure helped me understand the value of each and every moment/ #they ain’t coming back.

I know, I suck at advising. -Garry, I quit!-

And now Ladies and Gentlemen: a serious me;

But really. Don’t let “it” ruin you. If it’s Garry or Barry or Larry or whatever. One mistake does not define who you truly are. -A human being, I presume-

Mistakes help you learn and gather knowledge that will later help you in life.

Believe me, I’m seventeen. -trying not to laugh-

You must be really depressed if you want advice from a seventeen year old. 😀

And now please make a simple exercise with me: hold your hand in front of you and think of it as a crystal bowl that shows the happiest moment of your life. Look at your happy crystal bowl and for one minute bring back a memory.

Did it at least make you smile? 😀

Because smile makes every dull moment seem like a manageable one.

And that, you guys, is my advice.


One thought on “The F word.

  1. I love the way that you’ve written this post!! Failure is also something I’ve talked about on my blog and it’s lovely that more bloggers are discussing such an important topic 🙂

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