The day the hatred won.

Today’s topic is nowhere near an easy subject to talk about, but a necessary one. Today you will meet a very serious side of me and the one that does hold a grudge and doesn’t agree with certain commodities people face or don’t.

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And yet we still ended up together,
you and me against the world.

Making our way
close to the bay,
changing our paths
with passion and wraths.
Closing the distance without "for instance".

Yet we still broke apart,
fading and fading away,
because "meant to be together"
didn't mean "happily forever".

Arguments were unleashed,
tears were falling.
So was my heart, seeing
you going

The F word.

Before we start with “today’s post” all I wanted to say is that’s the actual topic I’ve struggled to write and publish because of two reasons. One, I got the whole thing deleted by accident and two, I got angry at myself and stopped trying. Yup. That got depressing really quickly. Anyway, sorry and enjoy!

So, the F word… hmm what that might be? I’m guessing by the picture you’ve assumed right, but for those that didn’t have a look at the “featured image”: no. the F word is not “F*ck”. So that pretty much sums up my whole point. But actually the cuss word, I guess, goes very well with the word of today’s topic : Failure.

– me inserting a graded assignment, but instead of the F grade is the cuss word – (Looks the same, feels the same)

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What’s the price of sunsets?


She felt guilt. But was she guilty? Of running away from someone holding her down?

Running towards the lands where sunsets last for months and the beautiful sky isn’t only an unreachable dream, but a reality.

She chose herself. Was that immorality?

Now her only goal is to move on and forget. But will she?

Only forgiveness will be her salvation.

And sunsets her reward.

A teenage guide to politics.

Now it’s everywhere. You see it making headlines, even without any particular, significant reason.

Just before you start reading news or sites providing such content, please be aware of the massive amount of propaganda articles that are circling around the web. Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a very reliable source of information, except wikipedia of course (note the sarcasm).

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Succesful in life? and donuts.

What is the recipe to becoming succesfull in life? Man, that’s a tough one.

Really I have no idea what to do with my life or how to even start thinking about future, because every time I do, it get’s blurry and comes to a halt at some point in my head.

The thing is,  all of my friends already know what to do with their lifes; started to grow in direction they’ve chosen.

But, what about me?

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